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Language Stimulation

Language Stimulation Coaching

Language stimulation by parents is the best way to support the language development of a child. A speech language pathologist can help you to find efficient and natural strategies to stimulate the language development of your child.

When there are concerns about language development, it is essential that language stimulation habits are considered.

More specifically, when and how are techniques used to stimulate language development and vocabulary? Although every parent has their own style, a speech-language pathologist can help guide you in techniques and strategies that will maximize your child’s learning.

What is language stimulation?

Language stimulation, simply put, are interactions between the child and their environment. There are many, many ways to stimulate language in your child.

However, it is important to choose the right technique for the right kind of stimulation. After all, if there is a language delay present, the child needs to play catch up in order to develop at the same rate as their peers.


To know more about the techniques used in language stimulation and to learn more about the language development of your child, please do not hesitate to contact the speech-language pathologists at the Centre Mosaïque de Québec.

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