Voice Disorders

Voice Disorders

Voice disorders are more common in children than in adults. On the other hand, the impacts of a voice problem are often just as limiting for them. However, there are different ways to accompany a child with a voice problem.

As the quality of the voice degrades, a child can feel limited in their day to day activities. This is the moment to seek an evaluation by an ENT, and then by a speech-language pathologist. The ENT is the specialist who can discover the origin of the voice difficulties. Generally, the ENT will refer the child to a speech-language pathologist for vocal therapy if necessary.

What causes voice disorders?

Most of the time, voice disorders are due to daily habits. Children spend a lot of time in noisy environments or doing activities such as sports teams requiring them to speak loudly or scream.

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They are at risk for vocal fatigue. When the voice hasn’t had time to rest between these moments and fatigue builds up, we are talking about hyperfonction. This means that the voice is being used beyond its capacities. Over time, this can lead to the presence of nodules. Nodules are little bumps on the vocal cords that can impede the vocal cords from vibrating normally. The voice is hoarse at the beginning of the day and can disappear completely by the end of the day. IT is possible to heal nodules if daily habits are changed. They can however remain if no change is made.

How is vocal therapy done
with children?

It is not always easy to change the habits of a child nor impose vocal rest. That is why it is important to see a speech-language pathologist. A therapist who works in voice therapy can help you put in place objectives that are realistic and changes that will have a positive impact on the vocal health of your child.

It goes without saying that the motivation of the child and their family is a principal factor in the success of any vocal therapy program. With the help of a speech-language pathologist, your child will learn how to use their voice with efficiency, maintaining good vocal health and responding to daily voice needs using evidence-based strategies for long-term vocal health.

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It is not rare that children find themselves with voice difficulties. It is important to consult with a speech-language pathologist in order to ensure that the problem does not persist or intensify. The work done in clinic includes the child, their parents and the speech-language pathologist.

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