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What is telepractice?

Did you know that it is possible to receive the same services in the comfort of your home as you receive in the clinic? Whether you live in a region with limited access to speech-language pathology services or simply to reduce time spent going to and from appointments, our speech-language pathologist can serve you at a distance.

Due to the use of a secure and interactive platform, the Centre Mosaïque de Québec is proud to offer services to families and individuals who live outside the region of Quebec City.

From Sept-Îles de Gaspé to other continents, our speech-language pathologists are able to offer evaluation and intervention services for a variety of communication difficulties. The telepractice services are regulated by the order of speech-language pathologists, in the same way as are the in-clinic services.

Who can benefit from telepractice
speech-language pathology services?

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This service is offered to both children and adults.

Although telepractice can be done with children as young as 4 years of age, it is important to discuss this possibility with your speech-language pathologist to determine if this service delivery option is right for you, your child and your family. These services are offered in French and in English and are adapted to the needs of the individual. When possible, a great option is to combine telepractice services with in-clinic services.

How does telepractice work ?

L’accès au portail

Access to the secure portal is completely free and can be done in one simple click.

What is necessary for the individual is a high-speech internet connection and a computer or tablet with a camera. Some people appreciate the use of a headset with a microphone, but it is not necessary for successful sessions. Sessions last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the needs of the individual, their attention span and the objectives being worked on.

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What does the research say?

Numerous studies have compared the efficacy of interventions in speech-language pathology delivered in person and by telepractice. The conclusions published support the use for many different communication difficulties. It is the service delivery model of choice for a growing number of families and individuals, especially those living in areas that are underserved by speech-language pathologists.

The speech-language pathologists at the Centre Mosaïque de Québec are proud to have offered this service this we opened our doors of the clinic in 2016.


Our telepractice sessions are interactive, fun and motivating for kids. When an individual is in a session, they do not feel the distance from the clinic. In order to continue the progress and work done in sessions, our clinicians create material that can by done at home. Don’t hesitate to contact the speech-language pathologists at the Centre Mosaïque de Québec if you think you or a family member could benefit from our telepractice services.

Feel free to contact us to determine with the help of a speech therapist if you or your child could benefit from this type of service

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