Adult Language-Based
Learning Disabilities

Language Based Learning Disabilities

Successful people with learning disabilities are well aware of the types of challenges they have, including reading, writing and math as well as organizational and attention difficulties. Speech-language pathologists can work with you to minimize the impact of these challenges on your personal and professional life.

Language-based learning disabilities are diagnosed during school years, but they do not go away once an individual is out of school. These challenges such as understanding written words, or expressing oneself clearly can impact Cegep and University level success as well as in your professional life.

Adult language-based learning disabilities

What does a learning disability in adulthood look like?

A learning disability in adulthood is similar to a learning disability in elementary and secondary school. Depending on the strengths and challenges of the individual, it can have an impact on understanding oral or written language or communication orally or in writing.

Frequently individuals with language-based learning disability also have difficulty understanding or expressing abstract ideas. They can also have difficulty organising themselves in a project and
knowing how and by what to start a multi-step project. These difficulties can have an impact on their personal lives and their professional lives.

What kind of treatment or intervention
is available to adults?

As the profile varies incredibly from one individual to the next, so does the intervention. There is not one cookie-cutter approach that works for everyone. Your speech-language pathologist will evaluate your language abilities and analyse those abilities within the context of your work or studies. With this information, strategies and techniques can be taught to reduce the impact of the challenges you experience on your day-to-day life.

Recommendations can also be given to your learning institution or workplace in order to better inform the individuals working with you and to put in place accommodations to favour your strengths. Assistive technology such as WordQ and other software programs can also be integrated into your written communication to support your work and studies.


Language-base learning disabilities are often diagnosed during elementary and secondary school, but the impact can be felt throughout the life of an individual and affect the studies and employment they choose. An intervention in speech-language pathology can help to reduce the impact of the difficulties on your life and can lead to more academic and professional success with support strategies in place.

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