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Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Social communication disorder refers to difficulty primarily with pragmatic language. Pragmatics can be defined as everything that is related to how meaning is created and interpreted in verbal and nonverbal interactions. Children who have difficulties with pragmatics have significant challenges understanding social situations and reacting appropriately.

Children who are on the autistic spectrum primarily have difficulty using language in social situations, such as greetings, sharing clear and sufficient information, changing speech to suit different social contexts, understanding information that is implied in a message but not stated explicitly stated, and functioning in conversation and storytelling.

Often these difficulties might not be apparent until a child has developed enough expressive and receptive language or has reached an age where a lack of pragmatic language abilities become an obstacle to social situations and daily routines at daycare or school.

What are some of the signs that my child may have autism spectrum disorder?

There are certain behaviours that may indicate that your child should be evaluated for Austism Spectrum Disorder. They touch on communication, social skills and daily behaviour.

Speech-language pathology and Autism
Spectrum Disorder

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What is the role of a speech-language pathologist with a child with ASD?

The speech-language pathologist plays an important role in your child’s treatment. The clinician can work in the clinic, in the class or daycare and in the home. They will work on social skills, expressive abilities, comprehension, reading and writing.

Your child may need other ways to talk. Augmentative and alternative communication, or AAC, helps children who cannot talk or are very hard to understand.
AAC includes:

  • sign language ;
  • gestures ;
  • pictures, photos, objects, or videos ;
  • written words ;
  • computers, tablets, or other electronic devices.
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A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder has many challenges in their day to day life. The speech-language pathologists at the Centre Mosaïque de Québec can help by working collaboratively with the school or daycare setting to ensure that your child is developing to the best of their abilities. They will work on social skills, language abilities and reading and writing when appropriate.

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